Provectum Technologies
Enhancing brilliant tech minds to change the financial industry
Getting to know us
Provectum Technologies is a Dubai-based proprietary HFT fund. In our team, exceptional people are working on outstanding challenges at the intersection of Science, Engineering, and Finance to make their contribution to society.
We work globally, trading both Digital and Traditional assets, successfully overcoming market inefficiency on the largest exchanges.
Life/Health/Dental Care
Performance-based Bonus
Competitive Salary
Health and Wellbeing Coach
Open Opportunities
To solve outstanding problems you need people with outstanding minds. We're constantly looking for specialists with passion for challenges and skills to fulfill it.
Daily trading volume
Dental Care
Traded pairs
Working in the HFT sphere means constantly copmeting in speed and cleverness with the best teams all over the world. That is why people are so important, and that is why we put a lot of effort in our team's well-being.
$3 bln
We're looking for a Lead Quantitative Trader with a strong Project management mindset to build an autonomous trading team from scratch and enable it to develop trading strategies for new markets.
Work with market inefficiency
Quantitative Trader
We are looking for a Quantitative Researcher to join our top-notch team. Your will perform research in the field of low-latency ML with a limitation of nanoseconds and engage in the development of current solutions.
Boost Trading Strategies with ML
Quantitative Researcher
Outperform the market with us